Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dusk Deals

Whenever I passed Dusk Deals on Queen St West it was always closed and a for lease sign hung on the bars across the entranceway so I was never quite sure if the place was still in business. I'd stop and look in the window at the interesting merchandise and wish it was open. My wish finally came true and the last time I passed by it was open and I had time to go in, check things out and try a few items on. They have an interesting range of clothing for both men and women. There's t-shirts, tank tops, bathing suits, pajamas, shoes, accessories, Goth clothing and a small display of Emily Strange merchandise (LOVE the cat face patent leather clutch!). Almost every item in the store has a coloured dot on the tag and this represents the discount they'll take off at the cash register (red=40% off). The tank tops I bought were originally $18 each and both had a red dot.

Great news for curvy girls, they have sizes 16 and 18 in some clothing items and 1x-3x in the
tank tops!