Thursday, May 31, 2007

1/2 off at BEDO

For one week only, all regular priced merchandise is 1/2 off at BEDO. I don't usually shop at this store, but last year when I was in desperate need of a "nice" top to wear to a fund raiser, I ended up finding it here. Most of their tops are made from that super soft t-shirt fabric everyone loves, so check it out.

Reitmans Still Rocks

Whoever is doing the designing for Reitmans' these passed two seasons has really been on the money! I have yet to walk out of that store without buying anything. Right now they have tank tops 2 for $18 and t-shirts 2 for $20 as well as plus size t-shirts priced at 2 for $28. There's a wide variety of solid colours to choose from as well stripes in great colour combos.
Some of the tank tops have embroidery around the neckline making them perfect to pair with a skirt for a cool, casual summer look with just that little extra touch.
They have a large selection of blouses and casual tops already marked down. I recommend everyone check out the light blue, dolman sleeved top in the softest t-shirt fabric. As always, jewellery is buy one get one free.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Swimsuit Season

For those of you who dare to show the world how long it's been since your last bikini wax or just how much cellulite you've been hiding under those dark wash jeans with lycra, this information is for you!
Sears at Yonge & Dundas has a large selection of swimsuits in both average and above average sizes - 0ne pieces as well as two pieces. The tops and bottoms of the two pieces are sold separately, which is great for those who aren't perfectly proportioned. There are a wide variety of prints and colours to choose from as well as 2-3 different styles of bottoms and tops (halter and tankini styles are all the rage this year, so tummy baring is optional). Most pieces are priced at $40 each and up.
For those who are only daring to bare it a couple of times this summer, check out the selection of bathing suits at ENDS in the Beach. They have mostly two piece suits to choose from and a huge selection of sizes 16+. The added bonus, all suits are priced at under $10!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lunch Time Fun

The Le Chateau on Yonge St (south of Bloor) has finally reopened after what seems to be an eternity, but it was well worth the wait. The renovation of the store was definately needed. It's now bright, clutter-free and well layed out. They have a great assortment of summer dresses, flirty tops and the perfect earrings or necklace to go with them.
Be sure to check out the shoes, especially the great selection of flats in a rainbow of colours and variety of fabrics. They're all priced for under $50.
I'm partial to the metallic gold ones.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Joe Disappointed

Finally made it down to the Loblaws Superstore at Queen's Quay to check out the Joe Fresh clothing line for spring. The store is a decent size with lots of stock. They had a few sale racks with long sleeved t-shirts and pajamas really cheap. Unfortunately, they had yet to get in any of the great items they show on their website. They also seem to have a limited amount of large sizes; was lucky if I could find a single large after digging through all the smalls and mediums, forget about finding an XL in anything.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My HR Experience

Today is not the first time I've ever been in Holt Renfrew, but it is the first time I went any further than the cosmetics counter. When I worked in the area, I would occasionally pop in to check out American make-up lines that were available exclusively at HR (this was pre-Sephora in Canada). Both the sales people and other customers were quite intimidating so I never ventured into any other department.
But today I went upstairs to women's wear, then upstairs again to customer service then all the way downstairs to the men's department. I was with a colleague of mine who shops there regularly and he bought a gift for a friend and had it wrapped. The second floor is like something out of a sci-fi movie. Everything is white, silver, modern, and clean-lined. I was so awed by the "decor" that I almost didn't notice the racks of designer clothing. The type of clothing that is so beautiful you want to touch it but when you glimpse a price tag you immediately pull your hand back because you don't want to damage the item and then have to pay for it.
The next level up is customer service. Once again, white, clean-lined and modern looking with plush seating, a service desk and the gift wrap counter. Behind the gift wrap counter are dozens of cubby holes (white) with the signature hot pink Holt Renfrew shopping bags all neatly lined up in them. All the bags are clearly labelled with the names of the people who are coming back to pick them up. In the very downstairs we visited the men's department. Not half as intimidating as the women's department as we only went through the casual clothing section.
Another impressive thing is the number of sales people. Everywhere you turn there is someone there with a smile and a uniform on ready to help you. I guess people who shop in high-end places expect to never have to go looking for a sales person. I on the other hand, prefer to be allowed to browse and select my Balmshell lipgloss on my own. (my one purchase I've ever made at Holt's).

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Isle of Capris

I have to have capris to wear during the summer. Shorts aren't always appropriate and I have skirt issues. Never did I think finding such a popular summer item would be so difficult. CG had a disappointing selection, AE had very few and they were pricey, P had a decent selection but I wasn't prepared to pay what they were asking.
I hit it big when I walked into Reitmans. I must have tried on 12 pairs of capris in every fabric, colour and style imaginable. At $36 a pair, I ended up taking home three: beige, black and dark blue denim. My second biggest challenge was finding skorts - basically shorts with a skirt flap on the front. Reitmans doesn't have true skorts, but they do have some great short skirts with built-in shorts underneath. I bought a dark denim one, but they also have white, beige and khaki.
They also have a great selection of tops and white blouses that have already been marked down. Now, if I can just find tank tops.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Stock Up!

When the hot weather arrived I started digging through my closet to find lighter clothes to wear. I realized that I had gotten rid of all my capris from last year as I had worn them to death. So off to Gotton Ginny I went to find skorts, shorts and capris. Unfortunately their selection of capris wasn't to my liking, but they are having a SALE. You get an extra 40% off already reduced merchandise. I've had my eye on their t-shirts with silver metallic stripes and I was able to pick one up for $6.00!!!
The sale isnt' listed on their site, so I don't know if it applies to all locations. Call ahead to see if the store near you is having the same promotion. If not, check out the location in the Beach. They have a large assortment of t-shirts and tank tops in a rainbow of colours ON SALE. Plus a good selection of hoodies and pants. Bonus, they have the largest selection of tops on sale in the plus-size section.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hat Attack

Once again, not a fan of summer. Sunscreen just isn't enough to keep our fair skin protected and freckle-free. I'm always on the lookout for a hat that 1) fits my giant head 2) doesn't make me look dorky 3) doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I have found head-gear that fits all three criteria. Cotton Ginny has reversible cotton hats for $12. Big enought to fit our head, machine washable and you can fold it up and shove it into your bag when you're not wearing it. The hat comes in pink, green, blue or black and is reversible to white.

Reitman's Rocks

Spent some quality time in Reitman's on the weekend. They have a great selection of t-shirts and really cute blouses. A lot of their spring stock has already been marked down. Definately check out their Encore line if you're a curvy girl - stylish stuff at affordable prices!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

HomeSense in Toronto!

YEH! I was walking down Yonge St (to Queen), on my way to belly dancing class and was thrilled to see the HomeSense on Yonge has opened. I didn't have time to pop in and take a look, but the items in the windows of both floors were enough to temp even the most reluctant shoppers. Will definately have to work a visit into my schedule this weekend as I'm looking for decent table lamps and bathroom accesories.
Check it out!