Thursday, August 12, 2010


Image my surprise when I found out AVEDA was having a makeup sale! I didn't think AVEDA products ever went on sale. They are offering 50-80% off the retail price of makeup and skincare products (bronzers, lipsticks, shadows, brushes, etc). I've never tried any of their makeup but I love their Hang Straight for hair, which they have discontinued so I'm covetting my bottle of it.
Where: 210 Lesmill Rd, Toronto (Leslie & 401)
When: Wed, Aug 18-20th from 8:30am to 6:30pm; Sat, Aug 21 from 9am-3pm

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dusk Deals

Whenever I passed Dusk Deals on Queen St West it was always closed and a for lease sign hung on the bars across the entranceway so I was never quite sure if the place was still in business. I'd stop and look in the window at the interesting merchandise and wish it was open. My wish finally came true and the last time I passed by it was open and I had time to go in, check things out and try a few items on. They have an interesting range of clothing for both men and women. There's t-shirts, tank tops, bathing suits, pajamas, shoes, accessories, Goth clothing and a small display of Emily Strange merchandise (LOVE the cat face patent leather clutch!). Almost every item in the store has a coloured dot on the tag and this represents the discount they'll take off at the cash register (red=40% off). The tank tops I bought were originally $18 each and both had a red dot.

Great news for curvy girls, they have sizes 16 and 18 in some clothing items and 1x-3x in the
tank tops!

Let's Talk Nails

Received my September issue Elle Canada last week and was very excited to see the ad for OPI's fall line called Swiss Collection. Twelve colours are in the collection of mostly jewel tones and I will definately be checking out Diva of Geneva and Yodel Me on My Cell.

Today I received my Sept issue of LouLou and they had an ad for Essie's fall collection based on fashion. Limited Addiction and Velvet Voyeur are the ones catching my eye but I have a feeling In Stitches probably looks better than the colour sqaure in the ad.

I tried Chic Prints (Sephora by OPI) design appliques a while back and was impressed by how easy they were to apply. These are based on the Minx nail designs that you can have professionally done in a salon and last from 7-10 days. Chic Prints are adhesive strips that you can apply yourself and last 1-2 days. The design I chose was skulls which ended up being a little disappointing as the skulls were only on the thumb and big toe sizes (you can do a mani or a pedi with them). As much as I liked them, half of them only lasted about 5hrs, but I think the fact that 3 of those hours were spent in the pouring rain at a concert probably has a litle something to do with it. Next time I'll put the $20 towards the $40 cost of having Minx done as they last longer and offer many more designs.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I usually stick to white sporty crew socks or black ones, but I couldn't resist the super cute Betsey Johnson ones I came across in the Bay last week. On sale for $4.95 for 2 pair (reg $18) I treated myself to every design they had. Love the "wink" ones with their metalic lips. With I heart Betsey Johnson on the soles and cute little heart clips holding each pair together, the attention to such little details makes these socks stand out.

The Hot Sox in the cupcake print were a steal at $2.19.