Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fred Has Flare

I have been familiar with Fred Flare for a while but just recently checked out their website. This is a great place to find unique and fun gift items. I love Russian nesting dolls so I was very excited to see they have a few products done in this style such as a USB flash drive and measuring cups. Other items that caught my eye were the pb&j earrings, black lace tape, country house handbag, bandages that look like strips of bacon (yum!), the Holly GoNightly sleep mask which looks very similar to the one Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast At Tiffanys and the duckie ear buds. With todays weather being so miserable, I wish I had a mini umbrella to help put a smile on everyones face. All their items are reasonably priced and a lot are on sale right now. Ordering online is easy and they actually ship internationally (shipping costs are per pound; this is where it gets expensive - Canada starts at $19.00 for a 1lb order) or stop by their store if you're ever in Brooklyn.