Friday, February 1, 2008

Great Hair, Better Price

I only get my hair cut about twice a year, and I travel to the other side of the city to my “regular” salon because they’re affordable and do a good job. This has become tiresome so I heeded the advice of many friends and acquaintances and made an appointment at the Aveda Institute & Academy (located at King & Jarvis). From the beginning I decided it was a good choice as you have to call at least two weeks in advance if you want to get an appointment on a preferred day or time.
Jade was my stylist and my appointment began with her studying my hair type, face shape and asking me what I do style-wise with my hair now. I’d brought a few photos of the hair cut I was hoping for and after looking them over, she took them to her “educator” (the person who supervises the students while they work) and he came over to participate in the consultation. He asked me what I liked about the hair cut and suggested a few changes he would do, taking into consideration my face shape.
Jade then had me choose a scented oil to be used for the neck and head massage given to all clients before having their hair washed. I picked the peppermint oil which gave me visions of chocolate mint cookies while having the most enjoyable neck and scalp massage.
I won’t bore you with the details of the actual washing/cutting/blow drying but I will let you know that it all turned out wonderfully and there were no tears shed (I did have a good 5 inches cut off). I left Aveda with stick straight hair that was as shiny as glass thanks to Jade’s expertise with a blow dryer, straightening iron and Aveda’s Hang Straight straightening lotion.
A hair cut done by an academy student is $30, advance graduate $40 and academy educator services are $55 and up. There is also a level before academy students (forget the name) that charges $16 for a hair cut.
Services are offered at the institutes in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Log onto their website for more details, locations and contact information.
And if you visit the academy in Toronto, definitely ask for Jade.