Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Organic Chocolate Truffles

Handmade, organic and fair trade truffles is what you’ll find at Kakayo Chocolate Company. The truffles are handmade in small quantities every few days to ensure freshness. A small sheet of paper saying when the truffles were made and what each truffle contains is included in your purchase. I tried the Hot Tamale (just a slight spicyness), Pumpkin Pie (heaven!), Raspberry Nipple (disappointing as the raspberry was very subtle) and Trailer Park (peanut butter) truffles.
You can purchase wooden gift boxes of truffles or select any number of truffles that are then packed into a Chinese takeout carton.
Buying truffles as a gift sometimes is a little challenging, as everyone has their own chocolate preference – milk, dark, white, so Kakayo offers a gift voucher that entitles the bearer to 8 truffles of their choice!
They also make chocolate truffle and chocolate mint lip balm.
1584 Queen St E, Toronto